#sorethumbsswansea (9) Images from work in progress showing – 1

Here are a few images taken by audience members during the work in progress showing on the 25th of January 2018 .

There are still a lot of thoughts and ideas spinning around waiting to settle which I intend to commit to paper, so look out for some particularly wordy posts coming soon to a computer screen near you…

Images taken by Eugene Michael Dubenskji.

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Images taken by Sian Jackson;

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and one taken by Me;


I will continue to post updates here as I continue to follow the approaches to working that I found during the 10 days R&D during my time at Elysium’s Project Space where I’m resident until Mid-February. It’s starting to look something like this…


Speak Soon,




#sorethumbsswansea (7) #kirbsy, milkshakes and funeral attire

We started the week with more drifting, and an attempt to visually meld the worlds of play and grief by wearing funeral attire whilst kicking a football around town, although I just looked like a 6th former skiving school (Cheers for that, Ellie).

Amongst the peripatetic pondering there has been;

The Jurassic Park soundtrack on repeat reminding me of some classic lines
A tattoo of the grim reaper wearing stockings
Wearing as much Joop! as I could without feeling sick
Downing a strawberry milkshake
‘Don’t move; they can’t see us if we don’t move!’
Listening to The Pogues’ Thousands Are Sailing
A really good game of Kirbsy with Josh who was just passing by (thanks for reminding us on how to score an ‘ace’)

A question I want to answer this week is, ‘How do we keep as much chance and drifting as possible in Sore Thumbs during the showing, and not rely on my old formulas for performing in and across multiple sites?


#sorethumbsswansea (6) viva la drift


The first week of Sore Thumbs consisted of visiting and remapping places of my childhood and adolescence with personal memories, gathering materials, written and found texts, images, music, half remembered John Smiths Adverts and items of clothing.

Underlying the activities of the first week were the ideas and practice of the Situationist Dérive – an unplanned wandering and purposeful dropping of our usual motives and habits whilst walking through public space to allow fresh unearthed associations between place memory and inhabitants to emerge.

We used different strategies to get lost, to find new and old spaces and send us off the beaten track, from following helium balloons caught in the wind to challenging each other to find the best spots in Garden Village for a UFO landing. We’ve used Sonia Overalls Drift Deck, a pack of 52 cards with prompts and tasks to help break up our natural movements and focus’,  slow walked our way down lanes and school yards that have shrunk with age, and turned 180 degrees away from the most beautiful sites we could find to take anti-tourism photos.

Through the week of drifting, play and devising, we will pay close attention and consideration to the following questions, the answers to which have helped  us steer and shape our wanderings;
Scales of privacy; What memories and materials are just for me, being too difficult or perhaps inappropriate /unnecessary to share?
What memories are for us and which are for the audience? What do we mean by ‘audience’?
How do we come to define the difference between appropriate and inappropriate material? What are the boundaries?
What personal or cultural influences are steering our decisions?
Which of these are  learnt? How are approaches to grief and support Gendered? Purely personal? Religious?
How can we use cultural signifiers in Sore Thumbs to make it easier for audiences to approach the work and create opportunities to discuss these issues?
Looking over 10 years of artefacts from previous works, many relating to the themes of public space and/or grief, I let myself be led through the streets by colour, as well as the number 29.
Next week will be more focused towards replaying, remolding and refining ideas and material developed in Week One aiming towards the end of week showings with a test audience.








#sorethumbsswansea (3) Re-framing binge-drinking as ‘calculated hedonism’ #swansea #29

Toast one side of a slice of white bread..

Do YOU need new strategies for getting lost in YOUR home town?
Letting helium balloons get caught up in the breeze and lead you down streets works quite well…

Cover the untoasted side with cheese and a pinch of salt and pop under the grill… 

Chugging in the Quadrant on behalf of the BGF (British Grief Foundation)
‘You’re not allowed to film in ‘ere, Sir…’
‘But… it’s what he would have wanted…’,

How much salt is in the human body?
‘I’ll google it…’
What are the coins on his eyes for?
‘I think it’s electronic dance music…’

Live Text, Recorded Text, Written Text, Found Text

Now, reduce an unopened pack of cheese and onion crisps in a BLUE PACKET to a fine flavorsome beige dust, using only your forehead and the wall…

Considering the benefits of transforming into a character that can jump between worlds.
Re-framing binge-drinking as ‘calculated hedonism’.

…beat for 30 minutes…make sure you don’t spill any…

Old Text, New Text, Borrowed Text, Blue Text

‘So, how many eye-coins does it take to balance out the bad karma from kicking a dog?’
(You can get 25p off your coffee if you bring a re-usable mug!)
‘Only you know how much your soul’s worth, mate…’
(I’m feeling relieved I didn’t lose mine yesterday,
And only left it in the Reverend James Pub,
Which means we’ll have to go back
On the 111 bus to Loughor
To retrieve it).

Pour the broken crisps into your mouth, chew for 1 minute, then spit the crisp paste onto the TOASTED SIDE OF THE BREAD ONLY! 
(don’t give up in despair just because you’ve got this bit wrong in the past…)

From Text, to Instruction, to Action, to Image.

Eating raw jelly isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, but it is very good at climbing up walls.
Real life sweets vs grief sweets = less photographs.

Cover and bake for 1.5hrs at 5,505 °C for 29 years.

Please feel free
To eat the sweets
And feed the birds

Serve warm decorated with lemon, cherries and walnuts.

Calories 296 Sodium 550 mg
Total Fat 16 g Potassium 0 mg
Saturated 9 g Total Carbs 30 g
Polyunsaturated 7 g Dietary Fiber 2 g
Monounsaturated 1 g Sugars 2 g
Trans 0 g Protein 5 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Vitamin A 0% Calcium 0%
Vitamin C 0% Iron 0%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your whether you’re dead or not.